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Our Terms & Conditions

1. Aussie Funds Recovery may not disclose the source of your funds without your signed authority.

2. The processing fees are to only be paid from the clients successful unclaimed money claim. Every effort is made by Aussie Funds Recovery to ensure that cheques/bank deposit are returned within 9 weeks of receipt of ALL correct documentation required – Aussie Funds Recovery and its employees are not responsible for any delays in processing of claim and accept no responsibility for any claim, loss, or liability arising from any such delays.The client accepts they are responsible for providing correct information and that incorrect information may cause delays in receiving their unclaimed money

3. Our commission Fees of Refund Money totalling $1,000 to no more than $35,000, are 20% AUD of all monies reefed plus GST where applicable, for any Refunded Money or shares or assets as the case may be; 

For refund amounts over $35,001 to no more than $75,000 our Commission Fees are 15% of all refunded monies plus GST where applicable.
For refund amounts over $75,001 our Commission Fees are 10% of all refunded monies plus GST where applicable
For any Refund Money totalling $999.00 or less we offer a flat fee of $150.

4. Aussie Funds Recovery accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, currency or completeness of any information provided via any correspondence and or communications. The accuracy or reliability of information provided is not guaranteed or warranted in any way and Aussie Funds Recovery , its agencies, representatives, subsidiaries and affiliates disclaim liability of any kind whatsoever, including & without limitation, liability for accuracy, quality, performance, or reliability for a particular purpose arising out of the information provided.

5. Acceptance of our service is automatic acceptance of all Aussie Funds Recovery terms & conditions.

If you are having any trouble getting hold of the requested identity documentation in your information pack please contact our office for further assistance.