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What We Offer

The Australian Federal Government is currently holding in excess of $200 Million dollars from over 160,000 forgotten bank accounts. This money is waiting to be returned to its rightful owners – and you could be one of them!

Each year billions of dollars are held in various Government institutions as unclaimed and or lost money belonging to individuals or companies. At present, there is an estimated $10 billion in unclaimed funds. Did you know that around 98% of those unclaimed funds end up as Government revenue each year? This is no secret, and the Federal Government publishes these statistics every year.

This low claim percentage – only 2% - is because most owners are simply unaware of their entitlement. However, given the lack of aid in fund recovery, these funds continue to be unclaimed and eventually are lost to government revenue.

We at Aussie Funds Recovery are dedicated to reuniting owners with their money by working with solicitors, banks, other agencies, and Government agencies and departments.

As professional financial recovery agents, we specialise in searching for, and locating the likely owners of unclaimed funds through extensive investigation. All you need to get working with us is proof of identity and give us permission to act for you. Once we’ve got that we can begin working to recover your funds.

If you are the rightful owner to some unclaimed money, let the experts act on your behalf to ensure the successful return of your entitlement.

Our services include:

  • Locating potential owners
  • Verifying ownership
  • Recovering the unclaimed/lost money
  • Remitting money to the rightful owners with full documentation

At Aussie Funds Recovery our top priority is to provide you with a seamless service with our primary objective being to make your claim a smooth transaction. We help to eliminate complexities and simplify the experiences of regaining your funds. We never ask for any fees up front; we don’t get paid until after your claim is successfully recovered.

As a business that values good practices, Aussie Funds Recovery abides by strict privacy and confidentiality regulations, so you can rest assured that your information will never leave us.


About Our Company

Aussie Funds Recovery started with a clear vision, aiming to provide customers with excellent aid in recovering their money. For its owner, a pillar of any good business is exceeding customer expectations, and Aussie Funds Recovery is committed to providing the highest level of service to its customers.

Using the very latest state of the art investigation techniques we make it our business to ensure that you are reunited with your funds within the shortest possible timeframe.

With a long and healthy record of accomplishment in customer-oriented industries, Aussie Funds Recovery is well placed to help reunite you with your unclaimed funds.


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Why Choose Us?

Fast Turnaround
We act fast to ensure the turnaround time for claim in kept to a minimum. Claims usually settle within 6 weeks of commencing.
Nothing To Pay Upfront
No payment is required upfront, we only get paid when we retrieve your unclaimed money.
Zero Risk To You
We dont require any up front payment from you and you pay us nothing unless we are successful.
Free Consultations
We offer free consultations for our services, and will provide you with an actual quote
Dependable Services
We love to take pride in the work we do. Each project is finished in time and budget. We keep in touch during the process.
Reputable Company
We are financial members of the Unclaimed Money Association Of Australia.

Association Membership

We are full financial members of the Unclaimed Money Association Of Australia.